Magnesium sulfate policy

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for some different information on the policy for magnesium sulfate for the use in pre-eclampsia and pre-term labor. For example, our policy states to do BP's every 30 minutes while the patient is on magnesium. This is not the bolus but during the maintenence dosing. Is this overkill? I would appreciate some ideas or even copies of your policy.
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  3. by   HazeK
    Yep, overkill!

    Try this as more realistic, appropriate & better tolerated by pts:
    VS q15 min during bolus (we bolus 2 to 6 gm boluses over 20-30 min)
    VS q 1 hr x first four hours.........
    then, when on stable "mag" for tocolysis, BPs q4 w/ q1 hr documentation of respirations and SaO2s..... if on "mag" for PIH, tend to keep on q1hr.

    Hope that helps!

  4. by   obnurseinNW
    We do VS q 3 min during bolus including DTR's ususally 4 gram bolus over 20min. Then q 30mins. until stable then 1-2 hours until mag dc'd.
  5. by   timonrn
    Having just loaded 2 pts over the w/e and taken care of ante pts for awhile our policy is q5min while 20 minute load of 4gms going in, then q15 x 4 then q4h until stable. After that for long term tocolytics it is VS qshift only--we look more at the output and wt gain as an indication of problems along with the usual--visual disturbances, HA, decreased reflexes, etc.
  6. by   msw6460
    Our hospital policy re:MgSo4 for PIH is as follows:
    4gm load/30min, then maintain @ 2gm/hr.
    VS q 5" during load with DTR's, and FHT's
    VS q 30" during labor, and q 1' postpartum
    Mg levels 3' post load, them q 4' thereafter.
    All MgSo4 to be infused via pump with LR primary, and MgSo4 secondary.
    Hope that helps.