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  1. Hi. I am a 47 year old mother of four who has had a copper IUD in place for the past nine years, after the birth of my last child. I have no physical problems, no abnormal bleeding, and have enjoyed a very healthy life. Two weeks ago, the second day into my period, I started having cramping. It increased to the point of needing to take motrin to sleep at night, and having what felt like the early stages of labor (Low back pain, leg pain, cervix pain). I went to the doctor, who was unable to locate the thread. She sent me for an ultrasound, which showed the IUD to be sitting in the uterus in place. I returned to the doctor's office, where she tried to find the threads with a cervical brush, a tenaculum and a sound. No luck. I did okay during the procedure but nearly passed out when I sat up on the table. Three days later, I am still sore and bleeding. She wants me to schedule a hysteroscopy at the hospital to have it out. I am so upset. I hate hospitals, don't want all those needles and the thought of having metal rods put in my cervix to dialate it and my uterus filled with water in an operating room full of strangers is traumatic to me. Can anyone offer me any advice, tell me not to do it, tell me its not that bad (or tell me to buck up!) Thanks.
    P.S. Even though I had four kids, my friends laugh at me because I don't even have my ears pierced. Its too scary to me!
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    I'm sorry, but it's against the TOS for us to offer medical advice. Take care of yourself.

    See the post at the top of this forum: https://allnurses.com/forums/f35/med...ad-140964.html