Lisa Miller's Advanced Fetal Monitoring--worth $300? - page 2

Anyone taken her two-day advanced fetal monitoring course? Was it worth it? I've heard people say how great she is, but I want some more insight. My job will pay for $125 of the fee and will pay me... Read More

  1. by   lmcww
    I've been to 1 of her classes 4 years ago. it was ok, she speaks from a legal point of view. she is good to go once. I have been to several of michelle murry's classes. she is always a great speaker. she is definely worth the money. she show's lots of strips, with outcomes. and she has a way speaking that you remember her info. I just went to her current classes and was very happy. I hope this help's, linda
  2. by   lmcww
    she is great, I've been to several of her classes in the past. I just completed her class last month. she is worth the money