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  1. For the 90 hour lactation specific education requirement to take the IBCLC exam - is it okay to piece together hours from various hospital CEUs, online education programs, etc that add up to the 90 hours or is it "required" to do a course that suggests that it satisfies the 90 hour education requirement? The wording is so vague on the IBCLC website. I have also spoken to someone on the IBLCE who wasn't very helpful in answering my question. I am good to go for exam application deadline (next week!) if I am able to piece together hours from various things but my only hangup is that I believe I read somewhere along the way that the education had to address ALL the topics on the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline. Just wondering how everyone got their hours for the initial exam?
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  3. by   klone
    I think it's okay to piece it together, as long as it addresses all topics needed. When I first sat for the exam, I took the Health E-Learning Breast-Ed courses. There's a 10 module course that provides all the lactation-specific education.
  4. by   Mashedpotatoes
    Ok, thanks. I'm worried that my random piecing together of courses, etc won't address all the topics required.
  5. by   CoolKidsRN
    Agreed with the previous poster. I took a 90 hour lactation specific course as well. I would look into lactation education resources or breastfeeding outlook. Another tip: if you are able to get reimbursed or have your employer pay for it, I highly recommend it. It can be a bit expensive.
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