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This might be a morbid question, but one that interests me. If Laci Peterson was killed while she was in labor, labor would stop would'nt it? Or would she deliver the baby post mortem? Or was she... Read More

  1. by   katgurl77
    I know this is very late to be answering your question about the baby's lungs floating, but I just read this post, and since I just (almost) finished A&P 2 we just covered this. If the baby's lung floats it was born alive, even if only took one breath, if the lung sinks in water then it was never born, or still born. I remember this clearly because I was convinced that my HUGE fetal pig was actually a baby pig, but was proven wrong.
    I know this is now off topic, but since I'm still a student I love to use what we're learning in some practical forum...

  2. by   Rissi-Roo
    My thoughts EXACTLY!!!!! I also won't care if she was 3 weeks pregnant he should be charged b'c she didn't WANT an abortion and the baby in all likely hood would be born healthy and normal if left to do so ...... then he should be charged with BOTH murders.....

    Poor poor woman.... I feel so heart sick about this whole thing..... I am so soory for the baby Mom and both families.... No one should ever have to go through this misery....
  3. by   nurse2002
    I saw on thenews last week where a woman gt a jail sentence for manslaughter because she hit another woman in the stomache and this resulted in a miscarriage. They proved intent to do harm to the baby.

    This law varies from state to state from what I understand.

    Where I am from a drunk driver got a manslaughter sentence when he hit a woman and she lost her unborn child due to the accident.