Labor Inductions

  1. I am currently working on developing a new policy regarding the use of Cytotec for induction of labor. I don't believe it is the drug of choice any where in the valley but may be very commonly used in the bay area. My questions are: Do nurses like the outcome of its use? Is there any difference from prostin gel as far as side effects? Should it be kept in the L&D or does it need to be kept in the pharmacy? I would appreciate any information you may have. TerriAV

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  3. by   Labor of Love
    I do not care for cytotec, although our MD's use it all the time. I see so many times a bit of hyperstim or very irregular contracting. Unlike cervidil, cytotec is not easy to remove if hyperstim occurs. I do however think it does soften the cervix. During your research and making of your protocol, will you have patients sign a consent prior to placing cytotec? Or do your MD's have patients sign a consent prior to induction?
  4. by   Labor of Love
    Our Cyto is kept on the unit in Pyxis
  5. by   hrobrnc
    Hi, I myself do not like cytotec inductions. They seem to hyperstim more than pitocin. the drug is uncontrollable. once given, unretreivable(sp). This drug has become more popular with the docs. Where I work, RN's cannot place cytotec rectally or vaginally or give po doc's have to do it. Remember, the drug manufacturer states it is not reccomended for live births.