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  1. Hi everyone!!

    I was wondering if any nurses out there can lend some suggestions regarding your labor/delivery training. I am doing a project and would loe to hear of any ideas that you would have incorporated into your training. This time period is VERY stressful!! So far, I have thought of incorporating a support group possibly...that would help discuss how the day/week went..regular scheduled meetings with the educator. any ideas ?? I am attempting to assist the transition for nurses new to l/d

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..thanks
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  3. by   mimmy
    During my orientation to L&D, I wish there would have been classwork, workbook, etc. before "hands on" learning. I came from 12 yrs of med/surg and needless to say, my OB nursing school knowledge was pretty much buried too deep in my brain to reach easily. I had a real hard time adjusting...and I still am anxious going to work some days. I think because people knew I had been a nurse for a long time, they expecting me to know things that they took for granted. I almost think it may be easier for a new grad. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of background knowledge...but I felt so dumb and inexperienced. I also had a preceptor that had a power trip and liked to point out my errors/lack of knowledge for all to hear. The manager was clueless and I did not want to go be a "tattle tale". I think better communication between the manager, educator and myself would have been very benefical.
  4. by   lndhopeful
    I'm also knew to L&D, still in orientation actuallyand was wondering what the standard length of time for orientation is. At the hospital I work at they have started something knew so we have 2wks in PP, 2wks in Nursery and 8wks. in L&D, does this sound right because to me it's pretty short.