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  1. I am a junior nursing student as well as a CNA working in L&D. I would really like to be an L&D nurse when I graduate and I am looking to get some kind of additional experience this summer. I was wondering if anyone knew of any workshops I could attend in my area (near Harrisburg, PA). I am hoping to get a job in the hospital where I currently work, but if there is no position available when I graduate I will look elsewhere for a position in L&D and I would like to have a good deal of knowledge under my belt. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone could supply me, or at least point me in the right direction.


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  3. by   Kailey
    Hi! Thanks for responding to my question. I am in a hospital program but there are not any positions open in L & D. I need workshops that would be offered in Iowa. Do you know how to find out about workshops?
  4. by   NancyPC
    If you aren't able to find an L&D position, I would strongly encourage you to take a Med/Surg position for a year or two. My speciality now is L&D but my med/surg background has been invaluable. You truly never know what will walk thru your doors, and with some general m/s background, you'll be well rounded with experience and will be able to handle just about anything.
  5. by   Traci

    Thanks for replying to my message. My mother-in-law, who is an RN but no longer a floor nurse, also advised me to work med/surg at least until I pass boards. I know I should, but I already have my foot in the door in L & D. If there were a position I would probably want to take it. I guess we all have to make tough choices in life. I have a year and a half until I have to decide. No sense worrying about it know.

    Thanks again for the advice.


  6. by   Clara Malone
    Traci, I have been an RN for 13 yrs -( 11+ yrs have been in Labor and Delivery.)..I found that the 2 yrs I spent on the Medical floor saved me... You are more of a HELP to the other nurses and the patients if many of the basic nursing skills have become routine....( cathing patients, IV skills and emergency code skills)... Think of why you want to go in to L/D and hopefully this will help.
  7. by   Pearl
    Dear Tracy,
    I am a new graduate of 1 and 1/2 years. I too worked as an OBTech while going through school. I knew that my heart was in L and D. When I graduated, I was offered a job there. I took it, against the same sound advise that you have received about med/surge. I had to work raelly hard, but it was worth it to me to be were I knew my heart was. I think it took me longer than most to really feel comfortable by myself. I checked out several vidio series dealing with crisis situations and specific complications in delivery, along with attending a feat monitoring class that was extremely helpful. I feel that the "extra mile " that I went helped me. I am now being looked at for a team leader position by the recomendations of fellow nurses and three letters from our OB doctors.
    I know that I would die in a heart beat out on a med/surge floor, but I also know that I am doing what I love. I love coming to work and I don't have any regrets. You ahve to follow your heart and ask yourself if you would be happy working anywhere else.
    Best wishes to you in school. I remember all to well the pressures that are upon you. I hope you find happiness and peace with your decision....
  8. by   Pearl
    Just wanted to apologize for the horrid previous post. It was really late and I didn't proof it...*laughing at herself*...Anyway, I'm sorry..
  9. by   Aurelia Fox
    I am a soon to be new grad as well. I spent the last summer and school year working as a nurse extern in an L&D unit. This experience was incredibly valuable and I learned so much. By the end I was functioning as a nurse with some back-up(as well as no IV's or meds allowed). Don't get me wrong, I have so much to learn still. However, this was an excellant experience. For me, I need to do things to learn them. This was the perfect experience in that sense. The nurses got me in there to do everything. I feel that I am better prepared than most new graduates for this area. I am currently seeking a postion in women's health. I may not be able to start in L&D, but I will be closer to L&D than I would be in med-surg (which I happen to hate by the way!). I did my externship in Phoenix, but I know hospitals across the country offer them (may be other names). Inquire at the local hopitals. Good Luck!!