Labor & Delivery/ Postpartum Nurses I need your help!

  1. Hello! This is my first post so here we go... I am 4 weeks away from graduation from my RN program and know that I want to dedicate my life's work to labor and delivery, postpartum, and hopefully one day NICU. I am looking to obtain something that gives me an edge when I go to interviews in the next few months after passing the NCLEX because I plan on trying to obtain a job directly in one of these units rather than going to med/surg first. I have been looking into obtaining a breastfeeding educator certification or becoming a certified lactation educator... my question is what is the difference between these two? Is one of them better? What organization is the best to obtain this through? and finally do I need to obtain my licence before I begin this or can I start one working towards one now while I am still in school? I am currently precepting on a labor and delivery unit and understand trying to get into a specialty as a new grad is extremely difficult but I am so determined and want to show future employers that I am already working hard to be the best I can be in this field. Any other recommendations are greatly appreciated as well! Thank you!
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    Hello and welcome to the site. I moved your thread to the OB/GYN Nursing forum where I think you will get more response.
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    The only one I know anything about is Certified Lactation Consultant, and that takes hundreds of clinical hours, so I don't see how you could do it until you've worked for a while. IBLCE | Pathways to Becoming an IBCLC
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    where did you do your OB clinical? I would start there and ask if they have any new grad training programs coming up. I don't really think the certs will give you a great edge considering the amount of time, and effort they would take. Good luck.