L&d unit interview questions?

  1. Hey everyone! I am pleased to tell you all that I will have a telephone interview this week with the manager of a L&D unit. HOORAY!!!! :hatparty: Now, my only problem is that I don't know what kind of questions to expect since this will be my first job interview and/or first job (hopefully). Also, what kind of questions should I ask the manager? What issues do you experienced L&D nurses wish you had asked as a new nurse, or what would you want to know now if you were switching jobs? Thank you all for any advice you may offer.
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  3. by   skdauriaRNC
    How long can I expect to orient?
    What classes will I be able to attend during orientation to facilitate my learning?
    Will I also cross-train to nursery, postpartum?
    Will I have the same preceptor every day or will I bounce from one to another?
    How will I be evaluated and how long will I be on "probation"?
    How often do you do evaluations/raises and what is typical for this facility in terms of annual merit increases or raises based on years of experience?
    What is the general attitude of the staff at this facility? Is there a good working relationship between the staff and management?
    What if I find this position is not suited for me..how long should I expect to continue to hold the position before I can transfer? (some places you can put in for a transfer after 6 months etc.)

    Cant think of anymore right now..
    Historically, they have asked me questions like what would I do in this situation..blah blah blah..like if there was a conflict between coworkers or between you and a patient..what would you do to resolve it.
    Describe a way in previous jobs that you have made the unit or workplace be better..give example...blah blah
    Questions about your flexibility with staffing..be very flexible!
    Why you want to work there...
    Lots more what would you do if questions...
    Cant remember much more...
    You'll do fine.
  4. by   MidniteLaborRN
    I would also ask about the patient load. I worked at one facility where 4 couplets (mom & baby) was the max--at my current work place they keep piling them on and piling them on... They don't count the babies as pts! Pt/staff ratios will become an issue near and dear to your heart after you start working.

    Also regarding interview questions to expect and/or answer-- One thing that you have to know about L&D is that things change and they can change quickly. Let your unit mgr know that you expect that and are able to handle that with professionalism and accuracy. Let her know that you are a team player and are wiling to help out where you can. I have been saved countless times when a post partum nurse who wasn't busy at the time (because her pt's were sleeping) came to my aid. It can be feast or famine in labor and delivery.... get ready!
  5. by   skdauriaRNC
    Midnite-a traveling job I had in California would give each of us 10 moms/10 babies. very busy and very unsafe.
  6. by   nekhismom
    Originally posted by ObSheriD
    Midnite-a traveling job I had in California would give each of us 10 moms/10 babies. very busy and very unsafe.
    HOW in the WORLD could you POSSIBLY manage 20 PEOPLE????? Was admin. crazy???
  7. by   skdauriaRNC
    yep. They always said they were trying to get us help from agencies and travel co.s but nobody ever came. I stayed there 9 months doing l&d and postpartum not to be a glutton for punishment but more as a mission. Maybe one of my pts would speak english as the hospital mostly served the hispanic community so it was a challenge each day in many ways. But I came out of it stronger and more able to multitask and speak a fair amt. of spanish. I am not suggesting any new nurse work in a situation like this! The docs were horrible and admin. just wasnt there for us. I wonder all the time how that hosp. is doing.
  8. by   babynurse32
    Make sure you make the point that you realize this a a very high risk area and yyou understand how important it is to pay close attention to your patient and that you aren't afraid to ask for help if you need it. Also point out that you are new and will be able to bring fresh ideas to the uint. My main concern when I was hired was the orientation process and if I would be pooled to other units. Good Luck.