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Just wondering if this unfortunate situation is unique to the facility where i work or if it is everywhere! whenever the NICU gets very busy, the nurses become very hostile and rude to L&D nurses. ... Read More

  1. by   at your cervix
    That sounds so familliar Mark. Why is it that there is this unwritten rule that all of the "housekeeping" tasks are the responsibility of the night shift? Last week, came in to night shift. 5 pts for 2 nurses (evenings had 4 nurses but "thought we could do it with 2 nurses"). There were dirty delivery carts in the hall that needed to go to decontam that had been there since 0800, nothing in any of the rooms, no blankets in warmer. To make matters worse, the had acutally had no pt's for first half of shift, 2 came in about an hour apart, and three pt's came in 30 min before end of shift. It gets better because they said that since three came in at same time, they didn't have time to do admission and history info in computer. My question is this, why didn't they have time? 4 nurses, 3 pt's, and they didn't do any of them, even if 1 or 2 had been done. ok, but to just say "we wouldn't have time to do 3 admissions so we didn't do any of them?" It bugs me so bad. And it seems that this is not the case with all nurses, just a few. You know the ones that complain that they always have too much to do, their pt's are too high risk to be able to do anything else etc. Came in to report the other day and got this report from fellow nurse who was taking care of 2 low risk laboring pt's. "I was so busy all day. My pt in this room probably feels neglected because I wasn't in there hardly at all. And my pt in that room probably has no idea that I was actually her nurse, I was so busy that I just ran in to turn up her pitocin and I didn't even realize that she was having variables until she had been having them for about an hour. And to top it all off, I didn't get any charting done because I was so busy, I am going to be here for 3 hours charting!" WHAT THE H***. OK, lets recap, she didn't chart, she didn't watch her monitor strips and she wasn't in either of her pt's rooms, exactly what was she doing????????? I hate that!!!!!!!
  2. by   NicuGal
    wow...I am sooo glad we don't butt heads with L/D where I work...sure we have the usual grumbles about things not documented or called for a tachypneic baby that is being fried under the warmer or for a baby that is obviously transitioning, but we all sympathize with each other...when they are hoppin' so are we! We send our code pink team over and they assess and do all that good stuff. They are really good about bringing back those kids that need to be brought back.

    As for the misinfo..that should be reported to the CNS and something needs to be said. Obviously, these people need to go back and read some books! That kind of stuff steams me!

    I would say we fight with the nursery people more...they have sent us more kids than I care to count that are perfectly fine! Ugh!

    And I have always said and will still say...no way could I be an L/D nurse...hats off to you all!