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  1. we were just visited by joint commission, they require what is known as a "functional assessment" on all patients admitted to the health system. ie: do you groom yourself?, have a prosthesis?, walk unassisted?, etc. (all those things that are on the admission papers of a medical/surgical client) we do a complete rn admission physical as well as the standard ob adm.
    we also complete a high risk assessment. if the woman had a functional defecit it would be noted under "significant maternal problems" now we have to add another 1/2 page to our 4 pages!anyone else have specific functional assessment on adm. papers?if so what do you ask? thanks for your help
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    We have a functional assessment that's included on our OB data base. It includes questions like who depends on you at home, do you have a permanent home, stairs, etc. Then there is an area for most of the ADL's. The pt. can check if they perform it independently, with help, or unable to perform independently. Also the famous "how do you learn best" question.

    Hope that helps.

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    We've even included a psych section that asks about mental illness and such. It's convinient because we moved addiction and abuse to that section so we can offend the mothers all at once.