1. Any tips/suggestions for interviewing for a Family maternity ctr position? They do L/D and Postpartum on the floor. It is a supplemental position which would be fine w/ me since I have 3 little ones at home.

    In fact, I just delivered at the hospital last Wed, the 22nd. My nurse that I had for 2 days told me about the position and I went ahead and applied online. I told her I would "love" to work wknds and she said that should be "NO PROB"

    I have an interview on Tues next wk and am really nervous bc I am not a very good interviewer.

    Any suggestions on things that may be asked and how to respond to make a NEW GRAD look appealing???? I really need to Sell myself bc I know per HR that there are several people applying for this position.

    BTW, I did do my senior preceptorship in L/D, postpartum.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   CherryERRN
    Let me first start by saying CONGRATS twice I'm a new grad and went on 3 interviews and received offers from ALL 3 hospitals. In two of the hospitals senior nurses were also being considered for the position. I would say the most important thing to emphasize is: Although I may lack experience over the other nurses I am ready and eager to learn. Also, it is easier to mold a new grad because of the lack of experience than to hire an experience nurse that may have their own way of doing things which do not go along with the hospitals policy.. Now of course this is not what i said word for word but something similar..

    Good Luck on the interview and with your little ones :redpinkhe
  4. by   short1978
    Thanks Cherry....and congrats to you too
  5. by   mjb324
    I have interviewed many nurses for l&d positions. I love new grads because they are so full of hope and passion and I know they have little experience. I will tell you some of the reasons I did not hire someone. I asked a new grad, why did she choose ob. She told me it was to face her fear of blood. Plus, she said she thought birth was really gross and she did not really have a interest in it at all. Big waste of my time. But it gives me a good story to tell.
    I also had a nurse who was so timid she could never take her eyes off of the floor and I had to lean it close to hear her one word answers. Didn't hire her either.
    The last one that stands out in my mind is the nurse that came to the interview dressed in a very short jean skirt and a revealing tank top, she reaked of cigarette smoke. She was very messy and unclean looking.
    So if you go to the interview, with a friendly, professional personality, a passion for ob, dressed for success and honesty you should do just fine. I am very proud of all the new grads we have hired they are becoming strong nurses. good luck
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am off to work soon,so can't post much. I will try to revisit the thread later to bring more.

    I just want to say congratulations and good luck!
  7. by   short1978
    I had my interview today and I feel like it went REALLY WELL. However, she did tell me at the end that it was going to an inhouse person. I knew the changes of me getting this position would be slim since it was a supplemental position and I am a new grad.

    But she did ask if I would be able to wait till January to get into the intern position that would be avail at that time. I said yes, esp since I wasnt planning on applying for a job till Jan. I only applied for this job bc it was OB.

    So keep your fingers crossed that I can get that position in January.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    fingers crossed!