interventions for neonate delivered by cesarean

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a second year ASN student doing my OB clinical rotation. I have a paper to write and one of the questions I am to answer is "describe the appropriate nursing interventions for the neonate who experiences cesarean birth". I cannot find anything in my book that delineates interventions for this situation. I presume that helping the child clear secretions from the respiratory tract is a must, if he didn't experience uterine contractions and passage throught the vaginal canal to squeeze them out. Aside from that, if he is full-term and not compromised by infection or congenital defect, what would you do outside of the norm?

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me!!!!!!!!!

    -M :wink2:
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    They are virtually the same as a child born by vaginal means:

    Warm/dry the infant----gentle stimulation w/warm, soft blankets. Change blankets as soon as they are wet and keep baby warm----this is done under a radiant warmer in the OR---on Mom's chest, in vaginal delivery.

    Stablize/check vital signs

    Clear airway of secretions PRN (not ALL newborns born this way need to be suctioned, contrary to popular belief)

    Continue to keep infant warm and dry and observe---particularly watching this in the OR, which can be chilly

    Facilitate parent/baby bonding ASAP (usually within first hour if mom/baby are well)

    Initiate early breastfeeding (within 1st hour post-birth) if mom/baby are well.

    This really is about it, for well newborns born by either csection or vaginal means.
  4. by   mchup
    Thanks SmilingBluEyes! I really appreciate your help!
  5. by   CEG
    The hospital where I am doing clinicals sends a nurse from the NICU to every c-section to assess the babe. I am not sure if that is standard practice but you could include something about that. GL!

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