Inpatient obstetric cert. vs. maternal newborn cert. ??

  1. I am an experienced l&d nurse (3 years) and an IBCLC. I am interested in one of these certifications and EFM certifiation. What is the difference in inpatient OB and maternal newborn? Any recommendations, thoughts or advice?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   klone
    inpatient obstetric is L&D, and maternal-newborn is mother-baby/postpartum.

    If you're an L&D nurse, my recommendation is to do the RNC-OB.
  4. by   Daiseymay
    Thanks! I do mostly labor and delivery but I work very closely with mother baby because of my heavy passion of breastfeeding assistance and my lactation certification. I think both may be a good fit. I think inpatient OB may be most useful to me since I work labor and delivery the most right now. Do you or anyone else have experience with the certifications and/or have any advice about them? The boards to be an ibclc was very difficult especially since Te topic was so broadly covered.
  5. by   klone
    If you thought the IBCLC exam was difficult, then I am guessing that you will find the RNC certification exam to be particularly challenging. I personally did not find the IBCLC exam to be very difficult, but the RNC-OB exam is extremely challenging.
  6. by   Daiseymay
    Ok! Most of my difficulty with ibclc was taking it a week after a c-section. I was drained and found the topic was covered more broadly than I had expected. What resources do you recommend for the RNC-OB?
  7. by   Traveldee
    I studied AWHONN''s Perinatal Nursing book almost exclusively, and passed the Inpatient OB nurse exam last week. I have heard of people taking review courses, which I'm sure are helpful, but I don't think you necessarily need them. (I had 2 years OB experience when I took the exam).