I want to be a L & D nurse

  1. I enjoyed reading most of the posts. I can honestly say I appreciate reading all of the good, the bad and the honest posts. I have applied for the Fall 2003 nursing program at my college. I was accepted for the Fall 2002 class but I started having complications in my pregnancy, so I forfeited my spot. I know I made a wise decision. I now have a healthy bouncing 3 mth. old baby. I take the NET on May 1st. and I'm really hoping I get accepted *again*. I am really excited about studying to become a nurse and becoming a nurse. I hope to be among the ranks of you all.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Fatima., welcome to the board and all my best wishes for success in nursing school. Work hard; your dream of being an L and D nurse can be fulfilled! GOOD LUCK!!!!