I want to become a Labor & Delivery nurse!

  1. Hello, I was wanting to know how I might become a Labor and Delivery nurse. Right now I am going through Massage therapy so that I can do Pregnancy massage. I have been intrested in Pregnancy since my Freshman year of high school. High school was going to slow for me so I graduated early. Right now I am 18. I don't know how I might go about this . So if I could get some help that would be great. Thank you!
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  3. by   CMCRN
    First you have to go to college, do the prerequisites, apply to a nursing school. Many of the BSN programs offer a semester preceptorship in the senior year and you could then do yours in a L&D unit. I have done many preceptorships over the years and we usually end up offering them a job. Choose where you do your preceptorship carefully, make sure it is some where that you think you would like to work. For a BSN in nursing at least 5 years ahead of you. Good luck.