I need OB/GYN information...

  1. I have just started College to become a RN. I am interested in working in a GYnecology clinic or something like that. Does anybody know what classes would be helpful or some volunteer work I could do? Also, it would be very helpful to know the job description of a OB/GYN nurse working in a clinic or possibly a hospital but I am aiming more for a clinic somewhere around my home town.
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  3. by   midwife2b
    Are there free clinics in your community? If there are, start there. It may not be gynecology but you could get some experience working with people.
    Often the actual care has to be done by people who are certified... but they might have volunteer positions for signing in patients, putting chart parts together, etc.
    If you are bilingual you might be needed as a translator...
  4. by   JNH
    Do you happen to know if you need your bachelors degree to work in a clinic, or any further education from when you get your associates degree?
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Volunteering at a family planning clinic would be good experience.