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  1. I just wanted to say Thank you to all those who replied to my posts the last few days (weeks). To be perfectly honest I don't know what I really want. One day I want to go into OB as a first choice, the next it is NICU as a first choice, the next it is Peds as a first choice, the next is med-surg but only because I feel obligated to do so in order to gain skills that I lack and then move on after being in med-surg because I definitely do not want to do med-surg.

    Right now I am going through a lot of worry. I am worried about NCLEX. I am worried about getting a job. I have applied for jobs but when I follow up on my applications I feel as though I am getting a run around from the nurse recruiters. I have applied at more than one hospital but ALL within the same system. I have a 2 year commitment with a particular system in my city that is now sold out to a new system (HCA). AT one place where I applied I first asked about NICU positions for new grads and she said there were slots open and no one had filled out applications yet for those slots to start in June. Well, I had check the status and I was given the run around until finally last week she told me that the NICU at one place has now hired all the new grads they can handle. I was NEVER called in for a interview. Now the nurse recruiter at this one hospital she told me there are mother/baby positions available and she will forward my info to the director of women's services but I honestly feel she never did that. If there are so called openings and so called nursing shortage I never thought getting a job would be so difficult. I have this commitment I have to fulfill but how can I fulfill it if I am NOT even being offered a job. I applied at 3 different hospitals within the system. Not one offer for even just an interview as of yet. I am beginning to become so frustrated and wondering if I will ever get a job at all. I applied for NICU, OB and med-surg even. I am trying not to worry but I worry about this but I think about this every day several times a day. I wished I had NEVER did that commitment that way I would have had the option of applying to ANY and every hospital in my city and not be so limited with hospitals. Ok enough. I am sorry I just need to vent. I feel that I am not going to get a job where I have to do this commitment and then what.
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