I had the NEW GRAD L&D interview today-I have a few questions...

  1. Okay-
    I am graduating in May & today I had my first interview for my dream job in L & D. I think the interview went well but I think that I might have been a little too lengthy in my answers & maybe didn't think things through enough before I answered the questions. I just wish they could get inside my head and see how much I want this. They didn't offer me the job on the spot or anything but I also went straight to interviewing with the Director of Womens Svc L& team leader. I didn't get the interview through the hospital reucruiter- like normal (long story) & they said that they need to let the recruiter know they interviewed me..also, I had a peer interview with one of the nurses and they said that they need to talk with her b/c they like to get staff feedback before hiring someone. They said they would let me know in a week or so. Isn't that the kiss of death ?!! If they really wanted me wouldn't they have indicated it in the interview. A few comments seemed promising and they did take me on a tour of the unit. Is that standard ? It was my first interview so I am overwhelmed and unsure. I am planning on sending a follow up Thank you letter..should I mail it (snail mail) or email it ? I just really want this job..I could totally see myself working there. Any thoughts..suggestions..
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  3. by   Jenifer819
    It is standard for the supervisor to wait to discuss with the staff following the peer interview. Also, a tour is generally done with the interview. I have sent a thank you note following the interview. Good luck to you!!! It is out of your control now.
  4. by   raerusse
    I have had three interviews and three job offers and none of them were given on the spot. They actually were all kind of variants of your situation. So don't give up hope yet!! Good luck!
  5. by   stustressed
    I GOT THE JOB!!!!
  6. by   healinghands209
    Congrats on landing the dream job (especially in this economy)! Waiting to hear back must have been tough. Good luck to you in your new career. I'm a new grad in California still looking for any job let alone a dream job. Take care
  7. by   raerusse
    Yay for you!!Such a relief, huh? I start my first job in June as well :spin: Now to tackle NCLEX...