How do you become a Labor/Delivery nurse?

  1. Hi all.
    My wife wants to return to school and become a labor/delivery nurse. It's all she wants to do. So, for the holidays, my big gift to her is going to be a check made out to a local nursing college, and a boat load of study materials.

    The problem here is......What courses should she be taking to become a Labor/Delivery nurse? Is there an LD certification like RN? Is the goal to get a degree or certification?

    I am an IT specialist (computer geek) and most of my career has been spent keeping up with my certifications. A college degree is only necessary if I want to work for a company that requires a degree, or if I really want to pursue management. Otherwise, I can continue to manage databases, fix computers, and configure networking as long as I'm up to date with the certifications.

    I also want to buy study materials for my wife. If there is a specific test or tests which are directed towards L/D, I want to buy her some books and Computer-Based training (MOSBY to name one brand).

    So here's the advice I need;
    1 - What certification(s) and/or degree(s) does a person need to ultimately become a labor/Delivery nurse?
    2 - Would you recommend favorite study materials and references, to PRE-Prepare her for classes and the new career!

    (by the way, I'm not going to pick her classes out for her. I want to be able to give her as much information as possible so she can make educated choices. Right now, she thinks that this is a pipe dream and we can't afford to send her to school. I can't wait to surprise her)

    Thank you all so much. I am hoping to surprise my wife with the tools to build her new career.


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  3. by   emily_mom
    Check out the OB/GYN room. There is a thread there on this subject. Also one in General Nursing Discussion, I believe. Hope this helps.

  4. by   fergus51
    She will need to get her nursing degree like any other nurse and pass the RN exam. Then after becoming an RN she can get trained in labor and delivery without any extra courses, however many RNs do seek their specialty certification. Ours is offered through AWHONN Canada, and I think the US one does it as well./
  5. by   oomingmak
    Thanks fergus51 and Kristy.

    I'll check out the other posts that you had mentioned, Kristy. And Fergus51, thanks for clarifying the foundation she needs to accomplish!
  6. by   oomingmak
    Turns out, that a pretty lengthy thread has come out of a duplicate subject I started. Because I have NO IDEA, what I'm doing, I put this in both places.... Nursing Bulletin Board > All Nursing Topics > Student Nursing > how do you become a Labor/Delivery Nurse?