How do you "break in" to LD nursing?

  1. Hey all! I'm an experienced RN (14+ years) and have found myself looking for a job! I've been away from bedside nursing for about 6 years. I've ALWAYS loved the idea of L/D ... have applied before, many years ago, but never got anywhere.
    Any ideas on how to make myself more marketable? No offense to new grads, but I think that my years of experience should be an asset, not a liability.
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  3. by   crysobrn
    Our hospital offers a program that is friendly to the nurse that's been away from nursing for a while. Hmm I'm thinking that when I still worked on the floor we had one lady that had literally been out of nursing for close to 20 yrs so she had a pretty intense orientation and they were really flexible about what she needed as experience and what she felt comfortable with. I guess I'd say see if there's something like that out there.
  4. by   KellNY
    You could try working post partum or antepartum or some other mother/baby or gyn type of service to not only gain experience, but to get your face around, yk?

    Good luck.
  5. by   DiannaK
    Not meaning to step on any toes, but I guess I am at a loss for why the hospital where I am applying will not send my application on to the nurse manager. However ... they have positions in the L/D that are specifically for a new grad. Why hire a new grad, but turn down an experienced RN? :angryfire
    No, I do not have L/D experience, but I have assessment skills, time management, physician rapport, etc.

    I did apply to mother baby as well, since they were "OB exp preferred", as opposed to "required". We'll see ,,,,,,,

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