How do you feel about newgrads?

  1. Hi all,

    I am curious what youall think about new grads starting in L&D? I have worked in OB for 5 years with the last 1+ year as a OBT. I got a call from my CUL, asking me what my plans were after graduating next year. Of course I would love to start in L&D, but the rule was that all new grads needed one year Med-Surg experience before starting in a "critical care" area. Well the rule has changed due to our nursing shortage and she offered me a secured position starting at the end of next May! I am excited, but wonder if this is the best option professionally. Don't get me wrong I LOVE L&D and would miss it terribly and I want to JUMP at the opportunity, FT, Nights (my normal shift) $3.00 shift diff. Good money, doing what I love. But some of the teachers tell us to get the one year Med Surg for assesment and organization skills. I think I would do well in OB. Have any of you started from school into L&D and regretted not getting the extra experience? What would you recommend??????

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  3. by   fergus51
    One year of med surg? Bah humbug!!! That's bull. I went almost straight into L&D (I had to bear three months on med-surg while waiting for a position) and I have never had a problem with it. I have trained a lot of newbies over the past few years and I have found new grads with the right attitude often make the jump to L&D more easily than those with med-surg time. We have a very different routine in L&D and that can be hard for a med-surg nurse to get used to. The assessment and organizational skills are COMPLETELY different from med-surg (which is probably why I never liked med-surg but love L&D).

    I think overall it depends on the person. If you feel confident that this is the area that you'll love, you aren't afraid to ask questions and the other nurses on the floor are supportive I see no reason why you should go to med-surg for a year. Especially with your previous experience I would assume that you know what you're getting into. If you feel ok then go for it!!! Don't let some antiquated ol rule like "one year of med-surg for everyone" stop you.
  4. by   Angel Baby
    I worked in Med-Surg x 3 years and ICU/CCU x 6 years before moving on to OB. I have no problem with new grads coming straight into L&D. There are lots of good things about my diverse background, but I worked PRN in ICU for awhile to ensure I wouldn't "lose my skills" and found that being an OB nurse made me a better ICU nurse!!!!!!!

    The only thing that may cause problems is if you work in a facility where nurses are floated to other floors. Also, keep in mind that working in L&D is a specialized med-surg setting.............