Hi guys!

  1. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I will finish my orientation on nights next week and then they're cutting me free I am feeling a lot better about SVE's (thanks for all the great advice) and about everything overall. I still feel like I need sort of the more "normal" pts for now rather than the PIH types (had a really complex pt the other day and I swear she had about every line going into her that was possible) but I'll get there. Overall though, I love L&D! It's damn hard work but very rewarding most of the time. I'm a little scared about being on my own, although I will technically have a mentor that is assigned to me on my shift. One thing I've found with nights is that when I get a pt in, get her all set up as an OB check and give the MD a call, I usually get this response: Do whatever you want. If you want to admit her, admit her. If you don't, don't. THAT is kind of scary to me as a new nurse but it's really making me hone up on my assessments as I don't want to DC anyone who's going to deliver in the tub at home, ya know?

    Another thing- I dream ALL the time about interpreting strips, etc. Is this normal?

    Hope everyone is doing well. Best of luck with your new job, kday. And rdhdnrse, good luck with that seminar. Take care all.
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