Help! I have had a wierd discharge for about a year and no one is doing anything...

  1. I'm a 25 year old newly married female (6 months). For the last year or so, I have had this constant dark brown discharge throughout the entire month of my period. I have to constantly wear a pantyliner, it's disgusting. I have been to the gynocologist twice about this problem and all they have done is switch my birth control each time. I have had a pap smear every year since I have been 18 (the last one being in May), and everything is always normal. I don't understand why I am having this, and I would really like for it to go away. I am hesitant to go to my gynocologist again because she didn't do anything the last time I was there! I bleed all month...before my period...after my even makes it diffucult to have sex without being disgusted! Please help me!
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    This is not something that we can address adequately via the internet. Please take this up with your Primary Care Provider.