going to work in post-partum

  1. Is it unusual to be unable to palpate the uterus immediately after delivery?
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  3. by   lmc512
    maybe it just wasn't contracted or the pt was too "plump" for it to be very obvious.
  4. by   danissa
    If you could not feel that "cricket ball" hard uterus under your hand post delivery, then you would suspect abnormal. Its very distinctive, and normally so easy to feel.Suspect then.. Maybe retained products, preventing the uterus from contracting, check the bleeding..be aware of pph.
  5. by   NurseNora
    Two other reasons for not being able to feel uterus:
    1. She's sitting up to high. It's easiest to palpate the fundus if the patient is lying flat. The "fluffier" the patient, the more important it is for her to be flat.
    2. Inverted uterus. If the fundus is in the vagina, you won't feel it abdominally
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    Also, sometimes with an earlier preterm delivery (meaning 30ish weeks) it is way below the u & you have to look lower than you normally would. I've had 24-26 weekers deliver & I'm almost right at the pubis before I find their fundus.