Future for CNM?

  1. I have been reading about the closure of birthing centers and some midwifery schools. It seemed to me that in the early '90's there was a resurgence of interest in midwifery, but now malpractice insurance for cnms has skyrocketed and it is becoming more difficult to find md's who are willing to provide backup. What happened? I would have liked to go back to school for cnm but in this climate, I am unsure if that would be a good move for me financially (would really hate to spend big $$ and not be able to find a position). Are the cnm schools addressing this situation? Does anyone know if there are positive expectations for cnm for the future?
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  3. by   Baby Catcher
    I'm in the same situation you are in. Unfortunately the future is bleak right now. I've talked to CNMs through ACNM and many are unemployed or underemployed. This is due to MD practices cutting back because of high malpractice, low reimbursement and just plain old politics. I don't know what the answer is and I'm very frustrated. Every day I hear of more CNMs losing their jobs. I really want to be a midwife and I think I'll just go to school and hope for the best. Although it would stink to go into that much debt, give up my current job and then maybe not be able to work as a CNM. Lets cross our fingers that the pendulum swings in our favor.