frustrated with my role as a part time nurse need advice

  1. When I had my first of four children I commited to being at home as much as possible with them. I have worked half time since then. I am an extremely motivated person, always envisioned myself doing more with my career but wasn't able to because of my part time status. I am in charge when I work now ( a level 3 unit that does 250 deliveries a month) and am told by staff and MDs that I do an excellent job. It helped me feel more than a staff nurse and that I was contributing to the unit. We have a career ladder and I am at the top. My manager has now decided that we need to limit the number of nurses in charge. She chose two nurses pretty much based on their being full time. They now work Monday through Friday and the rest of us (six nurses) now must be in charge on the weekends only. These nurses are also now being given more info and responsibilities than I have.
    My question is: my kids are now 11 through 18. I still feel I need to be home with them, but I also feel as if I will never now be satisfied at work. Do I compromise my original values of staying home with them and apply for a manager job that has opened or do I just stay in my current job and feel frustrated every day.
    I know this sounds whiny but I am sad every day I work.
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    dear heart if you can work part time with children it is the best of both worlds ...the children are glad to see you when you are home and you are still able to work and learn in chosen profession
    maybe management has chosen to cater to full time emp but that doesn't mean that you should not work at a job that you enjoy we spend too much of our lives working not to be happy at what you do....choose what is best for you----sometimes you walk into a place and time that you would not have missed for the is funny that way