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I had orientation at a hospital yesterday. I will be working in postpartum, which has special badges with pink stripes that show we are authorized to be there. At orientation, they told us this was... Read More

  1. by   TeenyBabyRN
    Quote from austinsmom
    Actually, in our unit, parents can walk outside their room pushing the infant in the crib, but they can't actually be carrying the infant in the halls. If we see someone holding a newborn outside a room, we are required to check their ID bands and remind them the infant needs to be in a crib with a parent when not in the room. We do have a security system in place; this is just an added precaution. Every now and then we get security alerts. I know I wouldn't complain about the security of my newborn being a hospital priority.
    This is policy where I work as well. Parents are not allowed to walk around in the halls while holding a baby. There was an incident where a mom became lightheaded and fainted while holding her baby and the baby was hurt. The hospital was held liable because it was deemed a "forseeable incident". The rules, while intrusive at times, have their rationale --- to protect the babies. We cannot make exceptions because we have no way of telling WHO is going to be the person that will fall down while carrying a baby around. Perhaps if our culture was not quite so lawsuit happy, there would not be such a need for policies like this.
  2. by   Zhlake
    That is our policy as well. No carrying the babies in the halls--can be in crib though.