DR/Nurse relationship??

  1. I am curious as to what the DR/nurse relationship is like in OB?
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  3. by   RN1989
    Depends on where you work. Some places it is very collegial and the docs and nurses work as a team. Other places, the nurses are the doctors handmaidens. Just like anywhere else.
  4. by   PRESLA
    ]:spin: Loved the MD's that I worked c. I worked 7P-7A and they gave use more freedom and trust than 1st shift more of a special relationship. They knew that they would not be called unless they were needed and that makes you feel like more of a professional. 1st shift would always complain because the MD's were always questioning some of the nsg practices and we would just tell them that they treated us different on nights, LOVED IT. It was also funny because the mother/baby nurses would freak out if they had to call an OB because they were afraid of them great fun to watch them.

  5. by   magz53
    Nice to have a professional respectful relationship. It can be very satisfying. While the docs may be giving you more "freedom" on nights......stop and think of the reasons for that. Trust me, if a patient goes sour and they are called in for a deposition......the nurses are thrown under the bus. Not happened to me, but I have seen it. Always cover yourself and document every time you call them, no matter what the reason. If they need to be repeatedly called, document every exact minute. You must still practice defensively no matter how collaberative and congenial the relationship is.