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  1. I work Labor and Delivery.We will be moving to a state of the art new Women and Childrens services facility hopefully in the fall.We already run our own sections and are training to do our recoveries that we will do in the new L&D.We've had alot of changes taking place the big one is call.We work 12hr shifts,mostly (a few are still 8 hrs)and we are expected to take call for 12-16 hrs during a 2 week period.
    We've had 3 people quit in the last month and they do not plan to fill the positions.I don't understand what administration is thinking.Does this mean we will have to take more call to keep the unit staffed?Everyone is getting bitter and angry .Do they not see how hard we are working now?I can only imagine it will get worse when we move.We all feel we will be gaining pts when we move since as of now many travel a few miles down the road to a more up to date OB hospital.We now deliver approx.1700/yr as well as have numerous outpatients and we have antepartum pts.
    All of this and we get minimal compensation.We get $1.50 to be on call and if you are called in before your 12hr shift you have to work it too, which makes it a 16hr shift(too long).Also I don't understand why our hospital doesn't recognise specialty areas like L&D,ICU,ER,and OR.We get .25 cents for any advanced certifications like ACLS,NRP,PALS,etc.Yes I realize other area nurses work hard too.
    I trully don't believe our administration sees the shortage as it is and soon will be.I know there are other areas,as well as OB, losing nurses to go to other hospitals that offer more pay,better working conditions,and better benefits.What must be their plan for us?
    I've worked at this hospital >12 yrs.I'm not one to job hop but I am begining to look at other options.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks Nay
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  3. by   klieben
    Sounds like your nurses are in desperate need of a UNION! I know exactly where you are coming from, same story is happening all over this country. Nurses at my hospital were getting fed up with these exact issues, not enough nurses, inequitable pay scales, unsafe staffing, a ridiculous compensation plan, etc. We tried lots of thigs individually. Some of us quit, some of us changed job status, we tried to get together and meet with the governing board to address some concerns and they refused to meet with us. That was the last straw for us and we called the Alaska Nurses Association. We needed a union. We worked hard to pull it all together for about 6 months with their help, and last month WE WON!! Now administration has to listen to us, we will be starting negotiations very soon. Unfortunately, corporations aren't likely to listen and respect nurses unless they are forced to. Sad but true.
  4. by   puzzler
    So sorry to hear about your problem. I have been there, done that. It is not worth losing your license or causing harm to a patient. If administration will not listen you really need to go elsewhere.

    I know this sounds like abandoning your co-workers but believe me--it will only get worse.

    If you have a high risk patient load and cannot meet national standards you are at risk as well as your patients.

    Good luck and sorry I could not be more optimistic about your situation.