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Hi everyone! i'm just a nursing student, so i apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. But last week I was watching the Maternity Ward show on TLC, which I'm addicted to. Anyway, there... Read More

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    I agree, I hate those shows too. I think that most ob nurses are smart enough to not leave the pt while she is pushing. I (currently) work with two nurses that leave their pt's all the time if they are primips. They will tell them how to push and go to lunch, check back in 30 min then leave again. It drives me crazy!!!!! Not only are you not there in case she progresses rapidly, but most pt's feel very uneasy if their nurse leaves them while they are pushing. Most people need encouragement.
    Oh, by the way did I mention that I just put in my 2 weeks notice at this hospital so I will no longer have to deal with these 2 nurses!!!!!!!

    how horrible,unprofessional and unsafe. especially with primps, a lot of times they just waste time with ineffective pushing if you are not there how do you know and how can you be of any help. i never leave a pushing patient. only way i might leave is if another patient or baby crashed then i might consider going and letting a tech or one of our nursery LPN's watch my patient briefly,but even that would be pushing it for me!
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    waaaaaay ot, but i'm curious:

    sunny,, is that a Genny? with zambooka? or anisette???