cytotec for post partum bleeding

  1. sorry for the repeated topic, but with the new format here I can't find the information I need. What is the dosage for for rectal cytotec?
    Please help!!!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    we use 1000mcg.
  4. by   Darchild77
    Is this used regulrly? I live in small town where our OB's laugh at the Fam Pra docs for using Cytotec for inductions even though it is effective!! So obviosly I have never heard of it being used for pp Hem-Please give me more info on this
  5. by   tippy3099
    We use 800mcg rectally for pp bleeding. Works great.
    For inductions we use 25mcg and some docs repeat the dose after a few hours. Lately they have been going to pitocin tho if that first dose doesnt kick in.
  6. by   RMH
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    we use 1000mcg.
    Thank You for the info. I've been trying to get our docs to use it because of the info from here. We finally did use it last week...It didn't work, but neither did hemabate or methergine..The poor girl had an partially inverted uterous....(not from anything that could have been prevented) So we'll try it again...hopefully with an applicator next time. RH
  7. by   lynn27
    The Mar 1, 2003 issue of Contemporary OB/GYN has a great article on postpartum hemorrhages and the use of cytotec as well as other procedures. Cytotec usually works great...don't know about its efficacy with partial involution of uterus, though. Dose for pp hemorrhage--1000 mcg (at my hosp. but article states 800-1000mcg is usual dosage).
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