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We use 25mcg of Cytotec vaginally for inductions. My question is does ky jelly decrease its effectiveness?... Read More

  1. by   moz
    We use 25mcg for inductions, sometimes 50, and 50 or more for fetal demise. We also have a consent prior to use stating risks. We have 1 doc who INSISTS ky does not decrease effectiveness...another who crushes the tab and inserts thru speculum with ring forceps. The doc puts the first dose in, subsequent doses may be inserted by rn. We aren't using po yet, but a nearby facility does for inductions.
  2. by   Jolie
    The hospital where I used to work had a policy requiring written informed consent from OB patients before any drug could be administered for an "off-label" use. That included Brethine and MgSO4 for pre-term labor. Cytotec was not in use for inductions when I left there, but I'm sure that it falls under this policy.

    I don't know what prompted this policy, whether there was ever a lawsuit related to "off-label" use of a drug, or whether the hospital attorney simply anticipated that one might come up, but I thought it was a reasonable protection for the nursing staff.