Cord Blood Preservation - Free CEU's

  1. Cord Blood preservation is a hot topic around the country these days. Leftover cord blood can be harvested immediately after birth and saved to help somone who needs a stem cell transplant. Imagine what we have been tossing out for years can save someone's life.

    Whether it be for public donation or private storage, it is a subject that every OB nurse needs to know and understand regardless of his/her personal preferences. CorCell has a 1.2 free CEU program to offer you just for the asking on cord blood collection. Feel free to email me to get a self-study module for yourself or your entire unit. It makes a great presentation. Any questions about cord blood preservation, drop us a line. We be happy to answer you.

    Thanks, Beth

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  3. by   SlinkRN
    I would love to do a self-study on cord blood collection. We see this on our unit but only infrequently, so I still feel inadequately informed about the whole procedure. Please send me info. at Thanks!
  4. by   lindainl&d
    I am also interested. I have only seen this done a few times on our unit. Please send info to Thanks! linda
  5. by   MercyAngels
    Please send me any info you have on this topic! It's been done twice in our unit, so any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  6. by   ICU2L&D
    I would love some information on cord blood preservation. I am making a career transition from MICU to L&D in January. I'll be going to a large teaching hospital and on the day of my interview/unit tour, I saw a nurse preserving cord blood, so I know they do it where I'm going. Please send e-mail to Thanks.
  7. by   Cindy Palmer, RNC

    Our unit has participated in some blood banking. We'd love more information. Right now our OB residents are responsible for obtaining samples and parents do the rest, not exactly smooth on all accounts. Please send CEU info at:
    thanks! CindyP


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  8. by   babynurse7
    I currently work on a heme/onc unit and am very interested in OB nursing. Do you still have the info about cord blood preservation? I know it has been awhile since you posted this but I would love to have a presentation for my unit as well as learning more about this area for when I get my OB job! You can send any info to Thank you so much!!
  9. by   becky52
    I would love info sent to me regarding the fetal cord blood. WE had someone come and talk to us, but no one is really interested. I think they are afraid of doing it.Thanks SUE email address