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Do many of your patients bring in those cord blood collection kits?? The hospital where I've been for the past couple of years doesn't get them too often. The MDs aren't too used to them. We had... Read More

  1. by   4Blessings
    Quote from kmrmom42
    We get them once in a while. In my last facility the Care Providers all did the collections, no questions asked. Here they do try to get us to do it. However, I discovered the the kit that usually comes in (from Viacord) states that the collection is to be done by the Care Provider so that helps convince them that it is their job.
    I think we should have a policy for this though that clearly delineates the lines of responsibility and the appropriate procedures. Any thoughts on this?
    My facility has done a few collections and there have been the same problems stated here. I tend to agree with the postee that stated that if a nurse is involved then the hospitol could be implicated if there was an error. We are currently writing a new P&P for this situation that clear defines this issue. Strongly encourage you to bring this up and have one for your facility.
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    Quote from Dayray
    Our hospital policy is that we don't do anything with the kits. Supposedly people pay like $5,000 for the kits and initial storage then $500 a year for the storage. I don't want to b responsible for that. All the kits are so different and I've never been trained on their use. Some of the docs try to make us draw the mothers blood but we make them do it. If there were any problem with the kit the hospital could be liable if Rn's are involved in any part of the collection.

    The most I have done is to call the company although I resented even being asked to do this because the guy on the other end wanted very detailed information about the patient and I don't have time to spend on the phone. I ended up telling him "I'm sorry I don't have time" and hanging up. Maybe that sounds a bit harsh but the patient came in labor and needed a repeat C/S so I really didn't have time.
    We nurses handle the kits but it is the doc or midwife that does the actual collection. I make sure I read the directions before I start as they are all so different. After the collection (and we have to draw the mom too) then the family takes the responsibility for calling the courrier to come and pick up the kit. We don't see too many and we haev not had any problems with them.
    I have a question....if you draw other bloods and do IV's why would you refuse to draw a tube of blood from Mom? seems to me that you are getting all hyped up over nothing.
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    nurse involvement with these kits is pretty much limited to us reminding the provider that they need to do it and then sweet talking the lab into drawing that extra tube for it.