Computer software for scheduling

  1. This probably doesn't even exist but I am looking for a computer program to help out with nurses scheduling.

    What I am looking for is to input staff names, times they available (7a-7p Fri-Sun for example).

    Then have it keep track of who is on call, who to call first if more than one nurse is on call, who is on bonus, who gets sent home first if all the patients deliver, etc.

    Also have it where the nurses can enter their preferences or if they want changes in the schedule or need to go home early or take a vacation day or whatever...

    This way a computer can figure out the most economical, reasonalbe, schedule without any favoritism. If designed right it should help save the hospital money and improve workplace satisfaction......hopefully.
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  3. by   AlabamaBelle
    Our facility uses a program called "Intragale". We haven't been using it very long. It has its ups & downs just like anything else.
  4. by   csadam
    hi, this is what we use in our facility, we (nurses) don't have access to the scheduling part though. hope it helps.

    optilink pcss patient classification and staffing system, a workload management tool
    optilink staffrunner scheduling tool can be used standalone or fully integrated with the pcss module

    features: patient classification system utilizing a professional judgment model; workload measurement including patient-staff assignments; outcome tracking and staffing effectiveness measurement; prospective insight into labor and cost variances; real-time decision support for precise deployment of staff; cost, productivity and overall performance reporting; and patient-staff ratio compliance monitoring.

    is your product stand alone or can it be interfaced and integrated with an organization’s installed platform? optilink pcss is fully integrated with a scheduling tool and can be interfaced to the following systems: admission, discharge and transfer; time and attendance; human resources; payroll; billing; and charge master.

    who owns the data? client.

    does the product provide specific hours and skill mix for each patient event? yes.

    are caregivers/data users involved in system design and maintenance? yes.unit leaders are responsible for creating unit-specific patient classification guidelines. in addition, the software is configured to reflect the organization’s care model and staffing guidelines.

    what is the initial cost of the application and what are the yearly maintenance fees? varies significantly with size, number of units, system components purchased and interface requirements. yearly maintenance fees are at industry standard.
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