1. I am in the 3rd semester of FNP/MSN program. Eleven years ago I got my nurse midwifery certificate and have been practicing full time ever since. I know alot of you CNM's have done the same thing. IS IT WORTH IT? My poor family is suffering, I am losing my patients because I don't work ob/gyn clinics anymore and am generally wondering why I did this crazy thing. Please send some words of engouragement!

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  3. by   kennedyj
    I am currently enrolled in grad school to be a CNM. I know a few people who have done thin because they wanted to work in rural areas and do family care in addition to deliveries. If you plan to work in an smaller area and manage complete care where the CNM patients may not fill your schedule. This would be a great option. Sometimes we just feel there is need for a change. I'm in the military and after 4 years I can apply to attend additional schooling instead of working. I may do the FNP program for a change of pace and additional skill.
    Either way it couldn't hurt you. However through the same school to get the FNP is only 3 more classes and some long clinicals.
  4. by   sueko
    Are you wondering whether going to FNP school is the crazy thing or being a CNM?

    I think going to school may be the thing that makes you THINK it's a crazy thing. I was an empirical midwife for many years and now I'm in a BSN program with the ultimate goal of getting my MSN/CNM/FNP, but at the end of each semester I wonder what the heck am I doing this for? There doesn't seem to be anything I want to do with my degree, birth in the hospital is so different from the mellow home births I was doing. I just keep reminding myself I have to jump through these hoops to get where I want to go. However, after having completed my L&D semester I am really feeling discouraged, like I don't fit in ANYWHERE in the nursing world.

    Speaking of words of encouragement...are there any of you who have had this sort of experience? Do you have any advice/comments?
  5. by   kennedyj
    That is difficult. You probably feel that after going back through all that school you will be doing what you have always been doing. Even when you start your MSN, CNM you will go through a lot of non OB classes too. You can always manage your patients moreless the way you want when you are done. I personally feel that the impact the midwives can have in a hospital setting are limitless although there is more beurocracy involved here. We greatly need more CNM's . Your presence will be greatly appreciated by your future moms.