Changing from med surg to OB

  1. I am a new grad and am currently working on a med surg floor, and I agree everyone should have some med surg experience.
    My question is, we are a military family and will be moving around, if I switch to OB here and work a few years and then have to move, and our new place has no opening in OB will I be able to go back to med surg? (If I was in OB for a few years here) Just wondering.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I work L&D/PP and would not go to a med surg floor if you had a gun to my head. I am not up to date in this area. However, I know OB nurses who keep themselves up to date by working mainly OB, but taking a few med surg shifts here and there. Can't you do both too?
  4. by   faith@30
    I am just coming up to the end of my 90 days on the med surg floor. (I am a new grad) I wanted to try to do Med surg for 6 months then do OB/PP.
    The med surg floor is SO CRAZY. . . . .
    I haven't checked with our hospital on the requirements for transferring. . . to scard to ask since I am so new.
    What do you think?