causes of prematurity

  1. I have posted in two other places but thought I would ask here too. Does anyone have a good resource discussing the causes of premature birth, physical conditions as well as behaviorial causes as well? Thank you very much.
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  3. by   Angel Baby
    If you can access a library in a hospital (especially a teaching facility) then you can look at all the OB journals (JOGGN, Lifelines, MCN). You can search by subject and get the most recent articles.

    Keep in mind--this is one of the greatest questions ever asked (and whoever can find the golden answer will have the golden goose!!!).

    It is of great interest that Canada does not tocolyze at all and their rate of premature delivery is no different than ours.............
  4. by   prmenrs
    Actually, I don't think the exact mechanism by labor is begun is known! I know, there are theories, but I don't think they're really sure.

    I do know that one common finding for a spontaneous PTL is an infection, either a UTI or chorioamnionitis. I am also aware that crack cocaine can cause the uterus to contract strongly enough and for a long enough time that the placenta can abrupt (or begin to). But there are other things that can trigger PTL (multiple gestation), or cause the woman to need be delivered early (pregnancy-induced hypertension).
  5. by   rnoflabor2000
    Wow, the question of the day. PTL, less than 37 weeks gestations, can have many causes. The most common being infection....and the infection can be from anywhere but is usually UTI or chorio..but the biggest one for us in Phoenix is dehydration!!!