Breastfeeding - what can the father do?

  1. I am doing a search about the importance of the father on breastfeeding... what is his "mission"... and I would like some help (sites, books, article...)... Could you help me?

    Thank you
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  3. by   jamistlc
    Greetings All Nurses,

    The role of a father is to be the number one supporter and advocate for the breastfeeding baby and mom! Second to that he can bottle feed in the night exspressed mothers milk or use a supplemental feeding device. His role is to encourage, promote and protect the right of the family to have this experience in the home, at her place of employment and with the family in general since there is opposition by many moms, mothers who did not breastfeed!

  4. by   jamistlc
    greetings once again,

    I know my remark about the supplemental feeding device is not mainstream but it is how I feel and if I had children again I would do it, this is how strongly I feel the importance of breastfeeding is. I would like to invite you to look at my Doula pages for more information about this subject at http;//

  5. by   SchmalRN
    I think that dads can help moms to position the baby for breastfeeding if the mom is having trouble, esp after a csection. I am not an OB nurse, but I am a peds nurse who breastfed 3 babies. The other thing that was so helpful to me that my husband did those first several days (this is of course, if the husband is available!) was to fix me nutritious meals. He is no gourmet cook, by any means, but he would fix me the best turkey sandwiches, a fruit salad, etc. When husbands know that by providing the breastfeeding mom with nutritious food it is beneficial to their child, it can make them feel like they are being very helpful, which they are! My husband never felt like he was missing out by not feeding the baby a bottle those first few weeks. He was most helpful in other ways. He eventually got to feed them when I went to work on the weekends and pumped. Hope my personal story was helpful. Thanks
  6. by   lactationrn
    Tru...If dad is not supportive of mom BF, you can be sure she wont do it for long Getting dad informed about bf is the best thing, i think. he can get the baby for mom to feed, change diapers or get mom things while she nurses the baby like food or drink. check out Le Leche leuge home page there is also a "Web ring" I know you can pick it up at good luck Andrea