Blighted Ovum

  1. I have a cousin that has had two blighted ovum pregnancies in the past 12 months. The first ended at 11 weeks (spontaneous abortion) the other at 13 weeks, via d&c with two gestational sacs present. No fetal pole or fetus present at the u/s.

    My question is WHATS GOING ON. She is 30 and she is "actively" trying to get preggo. Her doc won't do any genetic testing until she has had her third unsuccessful pregnancy. I have done some research on the subject and there are no real answers. I am learning as a student to not rely on research, but her doc insinuated that her and her husband's chromosomes just may not be compatable.

    Just out of curosity, as experienced nurses, what has been your exposure to this condition. I don't know if this helps/hurts but her mom had an incompetent cervix. She delivered my cousin at 7 months and her brother at 5 months.:stone
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  3. by   Anaclaire
    If your cousin isn't already seeing a "Reproductive Endocrinologist", I believe now would be a good time for she and her husband to do so. Whenever a couple has been having difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant for 6 to 12 months, it's a prudent idea to turn to the specialists. Time is of the essence here. OB-GYN physicians are great and can do some good fertility work, but when a problem goes beyond the basics, it's time to call in the big guns for a complete work-up. True, there could be chromosome abnormalities, however there are many more reasons that cause pregnancies not to progress. I feel your cousin and her husband shouldn't waste any more time at this point, and they shouldn't worry about hurting her doctor's feelings. They should think of contacting a Reproductive Endocrinologist as the same as having a Second Opinion. An "official referral" from her OB-GYN doctor is not necessary either. She can look for one in the phone book. Most larger cities and some smaller ones have these fertility specialists. They will begin with a complete work-up on your cousin and her husband and take it from there.

    Below is a link to an absolutely wonderful website which has OODLES and OODLES of fantastic information on the subject as well as some very supportive bulletin boards. I wish your cousin and her husband well and am glad to know she has a very caring and sensitive cousin who cares for them so much! :kiss
  4. by   RN2B2005
    My OB/Gyn does fetal tissue sampling and/or genetic testing on the first
    miscarriage if the mother is over age 35, and she recommends it for all of her patients who miscarry more than once.

    Tell your relative to see a reproductive endocrinologist ASAP. Her OB is not helping her by telling her that she may have incompatible genes--there's no such thing. She should also consider finding a new OB, since the one she has doesn't sound terribly concerned or supportive.