any suggestions?

  1. Hello to everyone.. in case you havent read any of my posts, i just graduated from nursing school on May 7th. I have a job lined up on a medical floor (yuck) but i am trying to get into O.B. I have an inverview Monday for a L&D position. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what to ask or be expected to ask (with a good "lets give her the job" answer)? thanks! ~amanda
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  3. by   wsiab
    Ask about what kind of training/orientation you can expect. Find out what you can about the unit, how big, how may deliveries, L&D or LDRP's, what are their staffing ratios, policies on floating, etc. Try to get a sense of whether it sounds like a place you want to work, and whether they are prepared to offer training that will meet your needs.

    Good Luck, I started in L&D as a new grad just over a year ago, and I love it.
  4. by   fergus51
    Go to, they have interview suggestions