Any L&D's using CPSI computer charting?

  1. I am a new CNO, formerly an ER nurse. Since taking my new job, I am responsible for bringing all the units up to computer charting. L&D does not use the computer and some of the die hards have done everything short of flat out refusing. :angryfire They all know how, they just say that it is "too hard" and "too time consuming"
    I have tweaked the forms and made it as user friendly as of Jan.1, they WILL go to all computers....(had to make it Jan 1 in case some of them walk off, that way the holidays are covered!) We are a rural area with little L&D resources as far as nurses. Right now I am having to use an agency nurse to cover....
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Don't use CPSI where I am, but QS. There are always growing pains and learning curves to deal with. Currently, the "standard" is to go all computer for charting in our country. Is there any way you can bring it online gradually, piece by piece to make it less painful? In my experience, this has worked best, even with the most "diehard computer haters". I wish you luck. It's not an easy task before you, but not insurmountable! Positive attitudes help.
  4. by   ourhouse51
    We have been online with CPSI for over a year. Every other dept is using it....with the exception of L&D. The former CNO and former OB NM (who stepped down when I came along) tried it for 3 days and decided it was too hard.

    The L&D nurses also work nursery and PP so they know HOW. They just don't want to ....or should I say about 2 of them don't want too.......

    I worked the ER when we went live and I know how frustrating it can be to have a bad patient and try to chart everything. I keep trying to tell them that the patient comes first....I know they didn't always have that chart in their hand when they were doing something. You always have those times when you have to go back and finish up.....and that is the problem. They don't think they should have to "finish up" in the computer system.

    Oh well, as my mother said...this too shall pass......

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well, can you stand to lose 2 PP nurses? This is an earnest question, not smart-allecky.....cause I would tell them it's the way it is, and if they can't handle it by New Years, well, good luck to them.