antepartum care for AIDS mom

  1. A recent patient in my care just had a cervical circlageto support a threatening miscarriage. The woman is HIV+ and has 3 and 5 year old children also HIV+. We have reason the believe that the father of the unborn baby does not know about the HIV status. I am really struggling with this. I am finding myself to be very judgemental. Why bring another child into this situation? I would like to speeak to the woman and find out if she is in denial or hopeful of what medicine can offer or...but what benefite would such a talk bring?. Any insight? Anna
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  3. by   ganamede
    I would first question the doctors who are taking care of this pt. what they're feelings are. I would do this because maybe they could provide some input as to what this pt.s beliefs are. I would then based on any info given to me by the doctor, attempt to educate this pt. regarding the possibilities and consequences of maintaining the pregnancy. I have heard of some babies being born without HIV- maybe she may be clinging to this hope. However,I fail to understand how she could allow this to happen knowing her situation. It truly saddened me when I read about this situation.
    I would then encourage her to get on birth control asap. Maybe have someone from a HIV counseling center speak with her. I would like to hear how you deal with this issue. It certainly would be difficult to approach, but as a RN have a responsibility to educate pts. such as these.
    Good Luck
  4. by   1996RN
    Unless you know for a fact that the FOB doesn't know about the HIV, then you can't do anything. And even then, you can't really do anything unless there is a state law (like Texas) that prosecutes HIV+ people for giving HIV to unsuspecting partners, for attempted murder or manslaughter, or assault and battery, something like that.
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    Started in 1998.....hopefully someone was able to resolve what they could
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    Wow, dead thread resurrection or what!
    Depending on the mom's circumstances maybe she is living a really chaotic lifestyle and doesn't have a consistant place to keep the meds for her to take it everyday. like if one needs to be refridgerated if she doesn't have a fridge it's not gonna work. Maybe her pills keep getting stolen because people think that they are something else. There are a number of reasons... and chances are the pregnancy wasn't planned and may not want to have anything to do with the dad because he isn't the best influence.

    Lots of social conciderations.