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Hi all, I'm an RN in a community clinic and we do a lot of prenatal care. We recently had a pt die during a planned c-sec. The cause I was given was an amniotic fluid embolism. Does anyone know... Read More

  1. by   Mrs.S
    oh my gosh I'm getting gray hairs just reading this thread...
  2. by   smbmlt
    I was a new nurse at the time on L&D and it was my friend who had a pt with AFE, the baby was delivered 3 minutes after the CLE and was not injured during the incident. The mother did survive only to have no nero intact. The family and staff felt horrible, that was the first time Iv'e ever seen the doctor cry so much for this mother...Sad, Sad
  3. by   rph3664
    There was a story in my local paper a while back about a mother and baby who died from this, and nothing could be done for either of them. It was not at my hospital.

    The mother was 14 years old.