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:confused: Hi all.......just mulling over a few things here and need some feedback please! Last night was a very frustrating night at's the scenario.... My patient was a G2P1, AVBAC.... Read More

  1. by   sherryrn76
    the more I read, the more I love my hospital. We are a teaching hospital but still have plenty of private MDs. We do approx. 300 deliveries per month. ALL of our docs are reat about following guidelines for c/s..labor curves, adequate MVUs, etc. One of the first things we do on admission is to give the patient and family the number to our patient advocate line and explain that they have the right to refuse anything they are not comfortable with. Yes you can deliver "sunny side up". My oldest was direct OP as was her child! Both were vaginal. Hers was with an epidural, mine without..back in the Lamaze days when epidurals were not offered and Harvard pumps were used for Pit and the MD HAD to be in house while Pit was running. I had a fourth degree but stil beats a tummy full of stitches. Had two more children with no problem. Remember we are above all, patient advocates! Good luck. I'd be angry too!