Am I nuts? Travel OB?

  1. So I've been kicking around the idea of travel nursing for a while now, since way before this job. I have the chronically itchy feet of the Aquarius and it seemed like a good compromise--good money, short time commitments etc. Hubby has always been supportive and even interested in coming with if I were to move down to the US and go place to place.

    Once we settled down in our current place though, he said he didn't want to move again "for a long time" and I was okay with that. Until this month, when the offers started to roll in for the winter season, I applied for my NP program (distance, starting next fall) and my feet started to itch.

    Now it looks like we're putting babies on hold (we weren't trying seriously anyway, but I'm not getting any younger!) and I'm being presented for an 8 week travel position in rural obstetrics starting early January. I talked to my manager and I'll go casual at my current hospital, then pick up shifts when I'm home between assignments. That way I get to keep my higher risk skills and still be able to be considered for internal jobs if I don't love the traveling.

    I'm excited but I'm Fing terrified. Am I crazy? I love the idea of almost doubling my take home income, seeing some of the country and getting to keep my fingers in the rural obstetrics competencies but in the back of my mind I'm thinking of everything that could be bad about it!!
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  3. by   OBnurse95
    I did a travel assignment back in 2009. My hospital also let me stay on as a pool member. It was fun and I'd love to do it again. My husband couldn't stay with me during the 13 week assignment as we have 2 dogs and he was wrapping up work of his own. I missed my husband, friends and co-workers, so returned to my home base. Things have changed since then. My longtime boss has left the company and we haven't been able to replace her with a manager that understands the needs of our unit. My husband has nearly completely I too am thinking about going for it again! Will need to wait until after the 1st of the new year...have to renew my ACLS, NRP and STABLE which are all due in Feb 2013. Fortunately these classes are all offered the first part of January. So, bottom you're not crazy! LOL
  4. by   crystal22rn
    You are not crazy !! I am thinking of doing the same thing after my son leaves for the military ... I need to talk to my employer and see about staying on as per idem as I don't want to give up all my time here... So good luck to you!
  5. by   Fyreflie
    I'm leaving for a big northern job March 1st January and February I'll do some small jobs close to home and then the big job goes to August 5 with a three week break in May super excited!
  6. by   OBnurse95
    Best of luck to you!!! I am getting excited at the prospect of a new horizon =)