Advice to give parents

  1. I am a nursing student and I need some insight about what kind of things a new parent needs education on, particularly on parents of twins. What kind of things do the patients ask? What stuff is standard and what is more specialized to the patient?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I usually get lots of questions about direct care, like how often do babies need to be bathed, how can I tell if they are getting enough milk (VERY important), how do we put them in the car seat, and my personal favorite what if the dog doesn't like them? (I always say I suppose they'll just have to get rid of the baby...
  4. by   mother/babyRN
    Speaking of the dog thing ( nice answer, I may have to borrow it), you might mention that they either bring in a blanket, or if your hospital is accomodating, suggest they bring a baby blanket home for the dog to sniff prior to arrival of the baby (ies). Also, remind them that rest is crucial, and even though new moms often use the time when baby is sleeping to do house work and the like, that is the time (especially for breast feeding moms) to rest....Rest when the baby rests. That is a big deal....Also, mention it is not unusual to be teary or on edge and if that happens, hand the baby to dad or someone you trust and take a walk, EVEN if it is just around the house. They do NOT have to be super mom!
    Let them know that it sometimes takes a couple of months before babies get their sense of night and day turned around so encourage them to pick a time where it is quiet for the last feeding of the night, and start putting the baby down to sleep when he or she is sleepy but not yet fully asleep. Babies need to learn how to fall asleep and if they get used to being put to bed while asleep, when they wake up they of course do not undersand that mommy is coming back....Lots of little things. Just prepare them for feeling fatigued for awhile but that it does get better AND encourage them to make some special time for each other.....Any specific questions? Feel free to ask me....Not only a nurse, but mom of 4, three of whom are 4 and under....