?? Should I join NANN?

  1. I hope some NANN members can give me some advice. I am an RN student & hope to be a NICU nurse when I finish school. When I have looked over the NANN website they say that they support the BSN as being the entry level for nursing.

    I will graduate in Dec '06 from an ADN program & will begin my RN-BSN in May '07. My question is do you think that all RNs are welcome or as an ADN nurse will I will feel out of place? I joined AWHONN about 1yr ago & have subscribed to ANA's American Journal of Nursing since I began school. I have found the journals to be a big help with school projects & I have learned a lot from reading them. I am sure I would get alot out of the NANN journal also.

    I would appreciate some input on how others feel about joining nursing associations & if there is much emphasis on the letters after your name or is it more of a "we're all in this boat together" atmosphere??

    Thanks for any insight!!!

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  3. by   EricJRN
    I'm not in Virginia, but several of the nurses on my unit are members of our local chapter of NANN, and almost all of them have ADN's.
  4. by   rainy scarlett
    Thanks Eric...I hope the same is true for VA...
  5. by   lovemyjob
    I have not found the NANN journal to always be all that interesting. What I do like is that we have started a NANN chapter in the city I live and will get the benefit of meetings with educational opportinities. I have read a neonatal network and found that to be a very interesting journal, but, ANN doesnt have meetings/chapters.


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